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Our experience shows that the most successful organizations know how to leverage their culture, leadership and employee engagement to enhance the lives of their people and transform their work. We offer a scientific, data-driven approach to analyzing the current state of your organizational culture, leadership, and employee engagement and offer advice and tools to enhance it. Our experts are ready to help you foster a culture that drives your employee morale and allows your organization to reach new heights.

Ahria’s consultants understand the power of leveraging culture, leadership and engagement for your organization’s success. They are ready to offer a range of services and implement enviable solutions to transform your world of work and drive your organization to new heights.


Culture is often defined as a blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all organizations develop over time. In other words, company culture is the personality of an organization from the employee’s perspective and includes the company’s mission, expectations, and work atmosphere.

Research has shown that organizations that do not focus on culture have a harder time competing, recruiting and staying relevant in their markets.  At Ahria, we are committed to helping you foster the evolution of a winning culture for your organization. Our proprietary cultural assessment tool allows us to gather the right data, to engage your employees, and invigorate your leaders.

“I wanted to say thank you for the session on culture you delivered a few weeks ago. I am very happy that my organization is spending time on culture and I found your workshop to be very engaging. The information you were sharing was so relevant and I am hoping I can continue learning about this topic through some of the sources you are drawing from.”

– Training & Development Participant


To accomplish your organizational goals, leaders must work with others to build trust, honour commitments, master conflict, embrace accountability and focus on results. Your leaders have a profound impact on the engagement of your employees and the culture of your organization.

Investing in leadership development establishes a philosophy of continuous learning and engages employees (especially high potential talent) while building a pipeline for succession and sustainability of the organization. This empowers management to effectively lead the organization with a future-focused approach. Ahria’s programs help to strengthen leadership and develop effective leadership teams. Along with our learning curriculum, we provide development and behaviour change solutions that deliver results for your organization.


The importance of employee engagement and the significant impact it can have on productivity, morale, and overall organizational performance has been well documented. Numerous studies show that when employees are engaged, they feel a strong connection to their organization and believe in the work they are doing. As a result, they work harder and achieve greater success. Engaged employees also tend to promote the company, have significantly lower absenteeism and turnover rates, and contribute to organizational goals.

Like leadership, employee engagement is challenged in many organizations. Ahria has developed a proprietary employee engagement tool called the DEI™ which helps organizations pinpoint how engaged their employees are and where there may be gaps. With the right information in their hands, leaders can take action to increase the level of employee engagement and drive better results for your organization.


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