About last night…

Drunk shopping: bad for your liver, billions for the economy If you’ve ever woken up after a night on the town, checked the ol’ credit […]
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The power of the printer person

The printer is dead. Nobody buys one, nobody needs one ― except when you do Unsurprisingly, demand for home and office printers and copiers has […]
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A hyper-productive hellscape?

The notion that AI will free us from drudgery is an attractive narrative, but some fear a different outcome Although the tech industry for years […]
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What’s the mattering?

Is “mattering” the secret to engagement in a new hybrid-working economy, or just a patronizing and wrong-headed buzzword? There has been no shortage of talk […]
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Trading up

Badly needed and well paid, new programs and changing perceptions are helping the skilled trades return to fashion With demand for new tradespeople increasing across […]
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Everybody’s working on the weekend

Be it increased flexibility or productivity paranoia, more of us are working on weekends The near-constant forecasts of a recession, regular headlines about layoffs in […]
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